College 'Fired My Husband to Make Way for a Muslim'

Article excerpt

Byline: Patricia Kane

A TEACHER sacked from a college which aims to promote multiculturalism claims she was forced out for being British, white and Christian.

Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, says she and her husband, Professor Malory Nye, 47, were dismissed from their posts at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee over fears they posed a threat to its Islamic values.

In an exclusive interview with The Scottish Mail on Sunday, Mrs Campbell-Nye, who was head of the college's English language centre, brands its claims of multiculturalism 'a charade' and claims her husband, formerly its principal, was dismissed to make way for a Muslim.

She says: 'We are horrified it has come down to the fact that we are different.

'We are not Christian fundamentalists trying to threaten Muslim values. We are simply two professionals who were trying to do our job and make the college as multicultural as possible. Instead, like we are in some Arab state, we have been victimised despite no evidence of wrongdoing.

'Our biggest sin is to have tipped the ethnic balance and been too successful at attracting non-Muslims to the college. Some people are just playing lip service to the concept of multiculturalism.' The college, which is funded by the Dubai royal family, advertises itself as an institution which 'promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context'.

Mrs Campbell-Nye says when she went to work there four years ago, her Christianity did not appear to be an issue. 'When I was hired, no one asked me if I went to church.' Until recently, she and her husband, who worked at the college for eight years, had believed they were satisfying its leaders by boosting numbers of international students as part of a strategy to attain university status.

But Mrs Campbell-Nye now believes she and her husband, who have three children, fell out of favour because they attracted too many non-Muslim, European and Asian students to study English at the college.

The couple are taking the college to an employment tribunal, claiming racial and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Mrs Campbell-Nye is also claiming sex discrimination on the grounds she was allegedly suspended and later dismissed because she is Professor Nye's wife. She said: 'We feel disillusioned. They are saying one thing and pretending to be another. That is hypocrisy and it must be exposed. …