7 Tips for Successful Weight Loss from ?Years of Experience

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In January 1990 I began my first 100-plus pound weight loss. Working with a calorie-restricted, hospital-sponsored, doctor-monitored program I lost five pounds a week for 12 weeks.

Thrilling? You betcha!

Could it have been a big mistake? You betcha!

Studies show that the faster you lose it, the more likely you are to gain it back. Check in with some of TV's "Biggest Losers" after a year and you'll learn the reality of fast weight loss: speedy weight gain.

If you want don't want to fall into weight-loss, weight-gain cycle, follow these seven tips gleaned from my more than 20 years of weight loss and maintenance.

Set a realistic goal. Health authorities agree that if you're overweight, losing 10-percent of your body weight significantly reduces health risk factors. That may not get you into a pair of "skinny" jeans, but achieving that goal can make a difference in the next 10 percent.

Plan to lose about a pound a week. If you have 30 or more pounds to lose, consider yourself fortunate. By the time you hit your goal weight your food plan and exercise program will have become second nature, as it did for me; raising your possibility of successful weight maintenance.

Never be hungry. Tilt your food plan to higher protein and less (better yet, no) sugar and refined carbohydrates. A high protein breakfast, not a sugary breakfast cereal, or a refined-carb-loaded bagel gets and keeps me satisfied until the next meal. Studies show, a higher protein food plan keeps hunger at bay.

Exercise for good attitude. Make regular exercise a part of your life and keep exercising after you hit your goal weight. …