Your Fiance Was Killed by My First Love, Nurse Told Patient; DISCIPLINARY CASE HEARS OF DISTRESS OVER REVELATION

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A NURSE has admitted leaving a patient in distress by discussing her relationship with the man who stabbed the patient's partner to death.

Rosina Mary Jones, of Bridgend, told the female patient the killer was her "first love" during a health benefits assessment.

A disciplinary hearing heard how the 36-year-old told the woman she "couldn't believe" her ex would carry out the killing and said it "wasn't like him".

Appearing before a Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) hearing in Cardiff, Jones admitted continuing to assess the patient despite becoming aware of the conflict of interest.

"Patient A had the right to expect this assessment would be carried out in a professional manner," said case presenter Frances Cottle.

"Ms Jones discussed her own personal relationship with a man serving a sentence for Patient A's fiance's manslaughter. These events have had a detrimental effect on Patient A and she soon after made a complaint."

"Even if the assessment did continue, discussing this link with the patient was wholly inappropriate, unprofessional and harmful to the patient."

The hearing was told Mr B stabbed Patient A's fiance to death in August 2008, and is serving a jail term for manslaughter.

Patient A had been unable to work due to her dis-tressed state following the killing and the subsequent trial of Mr B. On July 6, 2009, Jones, a registered nurse working at occupational health service provider ATOS in Bridgend, met Patient A to assess her need for Employment Support Allowance.

Ms Jones told yesterday's hearing she had had a relationship with the killer of Patient A's fiance when she was about 17. On realising this, she said she asked at reception whether anyone else was available to assess the patient. But she returned to finish the assessment after being told there was no one else free, and claimed Patient A said it was fine to continue. …