My Reaction to the January 3 Letter by T Genade of Camps Bay Is One of Puzzlement. on the One Hand He Declares the Impotence of Reason and Science in Understanding the Universe and Man's Place in It, Then Later He Condemns Atheism and Agnosticism for Their Alleged Lack of Rationality. It Seems That He Doesn't Grasp the Contradiction

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My reaction to the January 3 letter by T Genade of Camps Bay is one of puzzlement. On the one hand he declares the impotence of reason and science in understanding the universe and man's place in it, then later he condemns atheism and agnosticism for their alleged lack of rationality. It seems that he doesn't grasp the contradiction.

He also claims that the concept of a god or deity answers fundamental questions in his mind about existence and how man should act, and he states, with no reason of course, that he has a preference for the Christian version of the deity, whatever that might mean, given that there are over 30 000 versions of that option.

For argument's sake, let's assume that Mr Genade is correct that there is some kind of superior being that is omnipresent and omnipotent; does this truth claim get us any closer to understanding the human condition?

Do we know what is referred to when we use a word like "deity?" No. The identity of the deity is forever hidden from us and is thus a cognitive zero.

Even if we had some inkling of what this deity is supposed to be like (by mystic revelation rather than reason, I presume), would that "knowledge" tell us how to think and act? …