I Was Sacked by Muslim College Chiefs 'For Being a White Scots Woman'

Article excerpt

Byline: Patricia Kane

A YOUNG tutor is claiming that an Islamic college discriminated against her when she stood up for the rights of female pupils.

Nicola Ridley, 22, who worked as a parttime English language teacher at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee until last week, claims that she was dismissed because she was a 'white Scottish woman'.

She is taking the college, which aims to promote multiculturalism and is privately funded by the Dubai Royal family, to an employment tribunal amid claims she endured 'bullying, manipulation, victimisation and discrimination of many forms'. Her action follows similar moves by the college principal, Professor Malory Nye, 47, and his wife, Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, head of the English language centre, who claim they were dismissed from their posts for being British, white and Christian.

The are taking the college to an employment tribunal, claiming racial and religious discrimination and unfair dismissal.

Last night, Miss Ridley, of Perth, said: 'I feel as if my life has been turned upside down. I loved my job and being able to make a difference to people from other cultures.

'But in my experience, the college is just playing lip service to equality and multiculturalism.

It's all a sham.' The tutor, who began working at the college in March last year, told of an incident that left her feeling 'intimidated' by a male student. She said: 'He (had become) very harassing towards two female students, texting them and following them out of college, to the point that one stopped coming to class.

'I compiled a report on his behaviour and emailed this to management, asking them to take action.' In papers submitted to the tribunal, Miss Ridley says she received no response to her email for several days and was faced with the student turning up for a class.

The papers claim he became angry and refused to go when she asked him to leave. Her line manager, Dr Alhagi Manta Drammeh, arrived and took the student away. She then continued to teach her class as normal.

Miss Ridley said: 'I was stunned when Dr Drammeh came along to the class a while later and told me they had had a chat and the student would not do it again. …