The Government of South Africa Has a Policy of Trying to Increase the Number of Visitors Coming Here. Unfortunately, No One Seems to Have Told the Staff at the South African High Commission in Canada. They Appear to Be Trying to Discourage Visitors, or at Least That Is My Experience

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The government of South Africa has a policy of trying to increase the number of visitors coming here. Unfortunately, no one seems to have told the staff at the South African High Commission in Canada. They appear to be trying to discourage visitors, or at least that is my experience.

I am a professor at a university in Canada. I was invited here by a South African government agency to do research. I am donating my experience and large amounts of time to this research, which has value to this country. Every penny I spend here comes from Canada. My wife accompanied me. The amount of money we have spent here over the past seven months adds up to about R70 000. That makes us the equivalent of about eight average tourists.

Because we are here for more than 90 days we each required a temporary residency visa. Obtaining these was a major ordeal. The documents we had to produce include: official letter of invitation; medical evidence that we don't have TB or venereal disease; police clearances that we don't have criminal records; marriage certificate. …