Table of Contents

Article excerpt

2 The Mail & Contributors

4 Periscope By Tina Brown

Fix the economy. First, see The Artist.


5 notebook By Peter BeinartWhy Jews vote like atheists.

6 International By Tunku Varadarajan Irate Turks; Mrs. DSK.

8 Person of Interest By Lois Romano Vicki Kennedy.

9 social diaries By Rebecca Dana

Ice queens.

10 disaster By Eve Conant

Death on the high seas.

11 money Tree By Allison Samuels

The Black Hollywood vote.

12 SCIENCE By Kent Sepkowitz

Tech By Dan Lyons

DataBeast By Ben Crair

18 GalleryPerry bows out; victory on the slopes.

24 Compass By Niall Ferguson

Wooden technocrats.

25 Politics By Paul Begala

The presidential beer test.

27 reporter at large By Daniel Klaidman The case for killing Americans.


30 The Truth Talker

Christine Lagarde is trying to steer America and Europe away from the brink of the next Great Depression. By Christopher Dickey

38 Obama's Critics Are Right

His policies are a disaster; his vision for the future is worse. By David Frum

42 Oscar's Private Parts

Newsweek's annual Oscar Roundtable.By David Ansen

52 'I'm not here to cheer you up. The situation is about as difficult and serious as any I have experienced. …