Industry Frets over New EID Database

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NO LEEWAY FOR FARMS WITH WRONG READINGS FARM unions in Wales are demanding a proposed sheep EID database does not bring extra red tape and expense.

The database, to hold records of sheep that have been electronically identified (EID), was proposed by the Welsh Government after it rejected plans to allow "limited tolerance" of EID recording.

It means farmers will be penalised if they fail to record individual identities in their record books as a result of missed reads.

Farming deputy minister Alun Davies said the EID database would attempt to iron out the haphazard nature of the recording regime.

He said: "The provision of this 21st century infrastructure will provide opportunities to remove much of the current bureaucracy.

"It will potentially provide a platform for the industry to consider more efficient and therefore profitable ways to produce Welsh Lamb."

NFU Cymru said it was disappointed by the proposed database and is asking for clarity on what it will cost and who will pay for it.

Union president Ed Bailey said the facility, if implemented, must be able to handle a range of tags and cope with inconsistent broadband.

He added: "I struggle to understand how it could work without an acceptance of tolerance.

"I am also concerned as to how regulatory bodies would use the information on the database at inspection visits."

NFU Cymru said it was "surprised and disappointed" that the Welsh Government will EID readers are not allow any tolerance when it comes to reading sheep EID tags at central point recording centres (CPRC). …