A Quiz for Women's History Month

Article excerpt

March is Women's History Month, so here is a quiz to consider using, along with some helpful resources.


1. Who was the first woman to receive a medical degree and when did she do so?

2. The 2012 theme of Women's History Month is:

a. Women Helping Youth: One Child at a Time

b. Women Taking the Lead to Save Our Planet

c. Women's Education- Women's Empowerment

3. On what day is National Women's Day always celebrated?

4. What design propelled Maya Lin into the international spotlight?

5. In what year was the Women's Suffrage Movement formally set into motion?

a. 1845 b. 1848 c. 1852

6. How many female military veterans do you think there are in the U.S.?

a. Less than 1 million

b. Between 1 million and 1.5 million

c. More than 1.5 million

7. Which of these modern day women has been elected into the National Women's Hall of Fame?

a. MayaAngelou

b. Oprah Winfrey

c. Billie Jean King

d. …