TRAGIC RYAN DIED IN 'NO.1 NAZI' HOUSE; DJ's Home a Haven for Hitler Supporter

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THE house where late DJ Gerry Ryan died was once a haven for Nazis, it was revealed yesterday.

Dublin's so-called "Nazi No1", Adolf Mahr, lived for years in the same house on Upper Leeson Street where Gerry collapsed and died in April 2010.

Prominent archaeologist Mahr, who headed the National Museum of Ireland, was the most prominent Nazi in the country in the 1930s and even ran Hitler Youth camps in Balbriggan.

RTE star Gerry moved into the apartment in the plush part of Dublin after his marriage to wife Morah broke up in 2008.

Gerry Mullins, the author of a book on the Mahr, yesterday told how Gerry lived for the last years of his life in the Nazi's Dublin pad.

He said: "The [Mahr] family moved here in 1927 and moved to Upper Leeson Street, which was then called Waterloo Place.

"A lovely house which, by the way, is where Gerry Ryan lived for the last few years of his life and died, that very same house was the Mahr house, in fact the only real family home the family really had. …