Insurance Not Being Forced on Anyone

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Insurance not being forced on anyone

I am confused why the Catholic Church is objecting to providing health care coverage for birth control. The law doesn't say beneficiaries must use that coverage, just that the coverage must be available for those that want to use it.

Since many non-Catholics work at Catholic hospitals and even Catholic schools, this coverage would be a benefit to them. (Aside from the fact that most Catholics obviously use some type of birth control since family sizes in Catholic families, just as in non-Catholic families are way down.)

There are many things covered by health insurance that are only used by a few people think of preventive services for women, mental health, maternity, PSAs, etc.

Providing coverage for birth control will reduce abortions and unwanted pregnancies. Isn't that compatible with the Catholic Church's stance?

Interesting that priests, who take a vow of chastity, are the ones objecting to this requirement.

Cathy O'Brien


Monorail is best high-speed option

Federal transportation regulators are reviewing the best route for the high-speed rail from Chicago to St Louis. Why do we want to use an old outdated method of transportation like the railroad even if it is high speed? We should be using a monorail system that draws its power from our atomic power plants and not be using diesel fuel because of the pollution and high energy cost of the fuel. We already have a place for the route and that is the interstate highway system medium that was built back in the 50s and is still there today at no additional cost. I get the opinion this is a plan that is being pushed upon the taxpayers of America. …