Obama's Unilateral Disarmament; White House Drive for 'Nuclear Zero' Imperils the World

Article excerpt


President Obama is working to realize the leftist dream of unilateral nuclear disarmament. This will leave the United States pitifully weak and create conditions for catastrophic deterrence failure.

The White House has told the Pentagon to study options for reducing the number of U.S. nuclear warheads by as much as 80 percent. The future nuclear force could have as few as 300 weapons, far below the cuts to 1,550 required by the START 2 nuclear treaty with Russia. It would give America an arsenal about the size of France's Force de Frappe and raise serious questions on whether it would have sufficient strength for even minimal deterrence.

Supporters of radical weapons reduction contend that Mr. Obama's nuclear zero is not a unilateralist strategy and that deep cuts would only come as part of a framework of global arms reduction. This is mere rhetoric. No such framework has been established or is being negotiated, and no other country in the world is contemplating such extreme cuts. START 2, which the Obama administration claims is a model for the global framework, committed the United States to nuclear cuts while giving Russia the green light for nuclear-force modernization and expansion. The weak verification regime in the treaty puts America in the position of having to take Moscow's word for it that Russia is complying with the agreed-upon terms. Ronald Reagan counseled Trust but verify, but Mr. Obama signed off on Let's just hope they aren't lying.

Communist China has never agreed to be part of any strategic nuclear framework. …