Thank You, Associates

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Thank you, Associates. This year Commonweal celebrates eighty-eight years of providing a place for reflective, independent Catholic thought. We are able to do this because of the steadfast support of the Commonweal Associates. Their contributions help bridge the gap between our revenue and expenses, pay our writers and artists, and promote the magazine. And that is why every year at this time we thank those who have contributed to the Associates in the previous year. And special thanks to volunteer Jean Marie Lumb for the generous gift of her time. If you have not yet become a member of the Associates, you are welcome to join their company in 2012 (see the back cover for details or visit

Partner's Circle ($5, 000-plus)

Anonymous, CA

Anonymous, NY

Vivian Segall & Paul Baumann, CT

Sheila & Robert Berner, IL

Neil P. Coughlan, CT

Rosemary Deen, NY

James H. Duffy, NY

GHR Foundation, MN

Julia & Frank Ladner, IL

Judith & Dennis O'Brien, VT

Leo J. O'Donovan, SJ, NY

In Memory of James O'Gara, ON

Barbara & Robert Rosiello, CT

Paul C. Saunders, NY

Margaret & Peter Steinfels, NY

Dana &Marc vanderHeyden, NY

Tim Welsh, MN

Benefactors ($1, 000-$4, 999)

Anonymous, IL

Anonymous, MA

Anonymous, NY

Anonymous, TX

Anonymous, VT

Suzanne McSorley & Thomas Baker, NJ

MaryJaneBlinka, OH

John Borst, ON

Helen V. Brach Foundation, IL

John T. & Elizabeth Kirldand Cahill, SC

Sidney & Daniel Callahan, NY

Ann & John B. Caron, CT

Miriam & Thomas Curnin, NY

Ann DeLaura, PA

M. Susan Donnelly, MI

Clare & Paul Faherty, IL

Jacqueline Fontinell, NY

Vivian I. Goeb, IL

Thomas J. Gosneil, MA

Mary Jane & Bruce Hall, CO

Harold T Hartinger, WA

Rev. Richard E. Hasselbach, NY

Anita Pampusch & Frank Indihar, MN

Lyn 8c Harry Isbell, CA

Edmund F. Kal, CA

Man' & Anthony Mahowald, IL

Margaret C. Martin, NY

Angela M. Mathews, NY

Barry McCabe, CA

Jean McManus & John McGreevy, IN

John P. Monaghan, NY

Daniel R. Murray, IL

Daniel M. Murtaugh, FL

Jane & Ralph O'Connell, NY

Sheila K. Ording, MI

John R. Page, VA

Femande & Rudolph Pruden, DC

Peter A. Qiiinn, NY

Clara 8c David K. Reeves, NJ

Rev. David J. Riley, CT

Irene & Joseph Roach, NY

Matthew Santirocco, NY

Dr. Valeric C. Scanlon, NY

Gertrude A. Schlachtcr, NY

Syl Schoening, CO

Rev. A.J. Schumacher, WI

Nancy 8c Robert Shannon, FL

Msgr' Harmon D. Skillin, CA

Rev. Gerard S. Sloyan, MD

Mary 8c Greg Stephen, IL

Bobbie 8c Bruce Weber, OR

Waldemar H. Wenner, CA

Gerald Wickenhauser, MM, IL

Ruth 8c Joe Wimsatt, KY

Supporters ($500-$999)

Anonymous, MO

Kathryn & Shep Abell, MD

Heidi 8c James Baumann, IL

Rev. William J. Bausch, NJ

Mary Bednarowski, MN

P. Bevak, NY

Ralph G. Bliquez, OR

Mary V. Bohlen, OH

June & Cyril Buersmeyer, MI

William A. Bultas, MO

Msgr. Harry J. Byrne, NY

Dorothy H. Callahan, MN

Rev. James Challancin, MI

Margaret M. & Dr. Philip T. Cortese, NY

Mary 8c Eugene Dionne, MD

Ann 8c James Doig, GA

Charles & Helen Dolan, NY

Rev. James Ehlen, WA

Rita 8c Dr. Thomas Finnerty, NY

Takaoki Fusejima, Japan

William B. …