Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted in 2010

Article excerpt

According to information released by the FBI, 56 law enforcement officers were feloniously killed in the line of duty last year, 72 died in accidents while performing their duties and 53,469 were assaulted in the line of duty. The 2010 edition of Law Enforcement Officers Killed and Assaulted provides comprehensive tabular data about these incidents and brief narratives describing the fatal attacks. The complete report is available exclusively on the FBI's Web site at

Felonious Deaths

The 56 felonious deaths occurred in 22 states and in Puerto Rico. The number of officers feloniously killed in 2010 increased by 8 compared with the 2009 figure (48 officers). The 5-and 10-year comparisons show an increase of 8 felonious deaths compared with the 2006 figure (48 officers) and a decrease of 14 deaths compared with data from 2001 (70 officers).

Among the officers feloniously killed, the average age was 38 years. The victim officers had served in law enforcement for an average of 10 years at the time of the fatal incidents. Fifty-four of the victim officers were male, and 2 were female. Forty-eight of the officers were white, 7 were black, and 1 was Asian/Pacific Islander.

Of the 56 officers feloniously killed, 15 were ambushed; 14 were involved in arrest situations; 8 were investigating suspicious persons/circumstances; 7 were performing traffic stops/pursuits; 6 were answering disturbance calls; 3 were involved in tactical situations (e.g., high-risk entry); 2 were conducting investigative activities, such as surveillances, searches, or interviews; and 1 officer was killed while transporting or maintaining custody of prisoners. …