Are You Siinging to Me; FAN'S NEW YORK MISSION TO MEET MOVIE ICON Musician Heads to US to Play His Tribute Track to Legendary Actor De Niro

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A YOUNG musician is hoping Robert De Niro will be waiting...

to hear his song, which originally started out as a joke.

Lewis McElroy, once a member of local band X-Ell, penned a catchy tune about his hero and recorded a demo after encouragement from friends. Now he hopes to meet the Hollywood star in person, and even persuade him to feature in a music video.

It all started two years ago when the 23-year-old from Towyn, Conwy, wrote the song, called Robert De Niro as "a laugh," and loaded it onto self-broadcast site YouTube, where it received over 2,200 hits. It shows still images and clips of the screen icon in action and is over-layed with the track.

But despite sending the demo CD off to the actor's agency in New York - and having it returned unopened twice - Lewis said he gave up hope and let his efforts and shelved the song.

It wasn't until six months ago, when he re-discovered the tune on his iPod, that he was reminded of his quest.

He said: "Before I knew it, I'd listened to the song six times and it all came flooding back to me.

"Admittedly it is very cheesy and the lyrics are simple but there's no denying it's catchy and I think it even has the potential to be number one.

"I decided to carry on trying to get it heard by De Niro's agents, so I turned to Google where I found a story which named his official spokesman, Stan Rosenfield. …