Instructional Media Initiatives: Focusing on, THIRTEEN and WLIW21: The 7TH Annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning

Article excerpt


The 7th annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning will be held at the New York Hilton hotel March 16-17, 2012. Presented by THIRTEEN and WLIW21, the Celebration has come to be known as a premier professional development conference for educators. It draws people from all 50 states and beyond, approximately 10,000 strong. This article describes the Celebration and the potential benefits to attendees.


This year's Celebration of Teaching and Learning will focus on a variety of areas including: global awareness, creativity, literacy, STEM, and leadership and whole school issues. In addition, the education of Black and Latino males will be addressed through the lens of Tavis Smiley's recent special, "Too Important to Fail."

The conference will include plenary sessions, featured speakers, workshops, and exhibits displaying current curriculum materials, software, supplies, and other pertinent educational tools for classroom use. Among others, speakers will include:

* Barnett Berry

* Henry Louis Gates, Jr.

* Sal Khan

* Yul Known

* Pedro Noguera

* Tavis Smiley

* Steve Spangler

* Susan Szachowitz

Conference attendees will be exposed to the best current thinking on educational issues, and have opportunities to interact with experts on educational research and practice.


Each year, the Celebration benefits from the support of a variety of sponsors. …