Are Canals the Answer to Our Water Shortages? DEBATE

Article excerpt

I COULDN'T agree more with the suggestion to extend our existing canal system to bring water to the South-East, rather than by pipeline (Letters).

I visited Madeira years ago and was impressed by the ancient levada water channel system which irrigates the south of the island from the wet northern slopes.

A new canal system in England from the North-West to the South-East would be an attractive feature in the land and would provide amenities for boaters, anglers and wildlife. The possibility of creating new features such as aqueducts and lock flights are endless. Instead of desecrating the countryside with a high-speed railway, a new canal network should be given top priority. But there's little hope of that when you consider the gumps in charge, who waste billions on useless IT systems and obsolete aircraft carriers and fighting pointless wars. Yet the cost involved is minimal. We are talking about an essential ingredient of life, fresh water, but this does not seem to have penetrated into the numbskulls in charge.

PETER SIDDALL, Beeston, Notts. …