Top Women Executives Are Paid 10% Less Than Men

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Byline: Becky Barrow Business Correspondent

HIGH-FLYING women in Britain are paid nearly 10 per cent less than a man doing exactly the same job, a report reveals today.

On average, a female executive gets a pay package of [pounds sterling]93,434 - but the man sitting in the next-door office with the same job title gets [pounds sterling]103,230.

The gap of nearly [pounds sterling]10,000 a year would add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds over their careers.

The report from executive pay experts Mercer said the reason for the gap was largely to do with 'simple discrimination'.

The situation is even worse in mainland Europe, according to the report which looked at 264,000 senior managers and executives in 41 countries.

In Germany, which has the worst gender pay gap in western Europe, a female execu-tive typically gets 22 per cent less than a man who does the same job. Bulgaria and Russia are the only two countries where the situation is reversed.

Maxine Benson, founder of Everywoman, the women's business network, said many women were hopeless at negotiating a good pay rise when they got a new job, unlike men.

She said: 'Women are not negotiating their value. They do not have the confidence in their worth.

'I have never met a successful woman who is not waiting for that tap on the shoulder [to say she is not good enough to be doing her job].'

Experts have named this the 'imposter syndrome' because women think they should not be doing their job and will be discovered as frauds at any moment. …