Christian Church Has Nothing to Offers. So I Become a Druid; II QUIT BIBLE SCHOOL... TO BECOME A PAGAN

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A WELSHMAN with a pagan passion will feature in a new television documentary later this month. Kristoffer Hughes, 40, of Bodorgan, Anglesey quit Bible school to discover Druidism because he felt Christianity had "nothing original to offer".

Since then he has become immersed in the culture and traditions of the Druids and has risen to lead the Anglesey order and tours North America and Australia to give talks and teach Druidry and as well as the Welsh language.

An S4C film crew were granted access to film ceremonies and rituals of the faith as they followed Kris and other believers to the faith's sacred sites on Anglesey, other locations in Wales and the UK and the United States for the programme Pobol: Kris y Pagan (People: Kris the Pagan).

Kris says his Pagan Druidism is rooted in Celtic and Welsh mythology. "Unlike Christians, Pagan Druids do not believe in one God but worship a pantheon of Celtic gods whose shadowy presence can be felt in Welsh legends such as the Mabinogion and especially the tale of Taliesin.

"I went to Bible college in Cheshire when I was 18 but I soon realised that Christianity was not rooted in the soil of the British Isles.

"Paganism is directly connected to our land in Wales and therefore very relevant to us.

Kris will Wednesday, at 9pm. English "I want to show there is a spiritual tradition beyond Christianity and the church and chapel traditions of Wales. …