Shell Chief Executive Peter Voser Is Quoted by Industry Week as Saying the Oil and Gas Industry Should Demand Regulation and Enforcement on Hydraulic Fracturing to "Ensure Everyone in the Industry Does the Job Right"

Article excerpt

Shell chief executive Peter Voser is quoted by Industry Week as saying the oil and gas industry should demand regulation and enforcement on hydraulic fracturing to "ensure everyone in the industry does the job right".

He added: "The oil and gas industry must communicate more effectively with the public regarding the safety and environmental impact of natural gas drilling[bar] We support regulations to promote transparency and public engagement by the[bar] industry."

Meanwhile, in SA, in the middle of Shell's 2011 marketing campaign on shale gas - and while South Africans were being told by Shell how open, honest and transparent the company is - Shell was breaking the rules in the US.

Shell Western Exploration & Production was cited by the Pennsylvania Department of Environment Protection between February and August last year for 37 environmental violations.

Alarmingly, these included 10 instances of failing to plug a well upon abandonment, four cases of discharge of polluting material into waters of the commonwealth, and one of failing to prevent gas and other fluids from lower formations entering fresh groundwater.

The point here is not that these incidents or violations occurred, which is a serious enough problem in itself, but simply that a company that claims to set the world's standards in fracking can boast about how open, honest and transparent it is in the face of these facts. …