The Changes a New Year Brings

Article excerpt

Each new year brings new resolutions, new business plans, and new changes in laws and regulations. Congressional districts are another thing that is also changing.


There are 435 congressional districts and each one contains approximately 600,000 people. Every 10 years, after the United States Census, the House of Representatives is reapportioned in order to provide proportional representation to the states. States can gain, lose, or maintain their number of representatives. All states, even those that did not gain or lose districts, still must redraw district boundaries in order to match internal population shifts.

Districts are generally drawn up by the partisan majorities in state legislatures in a process called gerrymandering -- that is, the act of redrawing district lines to influence elections to favor a particular party or candidate. While the Voting Rights Act strongly protects against racial gerrymandering, manipulating the lines to favor a political party is common. Contact your state legislature to check on your congressional district.

New laws and regulations

A new year also brings new laws and regulation, some being proposed and some going into effect for the first time. We all need to stay abreast of any bills a state may introduce that could have a negative impact on you or your business. In order to achieve the desired outcome for these bills, we all need to be involved and make sure each and everyone's voice is heard and takes some action. Taking action usually involves you contacting your elected legislators to give them your opinion on the proposed legislation. …