Obama ISO SWF; Violence against Women Act Is a Ploy to Paint Republicans as Anti-Women

Article excerpt


Single women put Barack Obama in the White House. Their overwhelming vote in 2008 proved decisive, but the failed economy has put that support in jeopardy. President Obama and his allies on Capitol Hill have created the false narrative that Republicans are waging a war against women to win back the single, white females who have turned against Mr. Obama in droves.

In the last presidential election, 70 percent of unmarried women voted for Mr. Obama, according to the liberal polling firm Greenberg Quinlan Rosner. John McCain only won married women, by a much narrower 50 to 47 margin. By 2010, Democrats had lost the enthusiasm of single women. Half of white, unmarried women voted Republican in the midterms and overall support for Democrats among single women dropped to 57 percent.

Democrats hope to recapture this demographic with the Violence Against Women Act. Senate Democrats have added poison pills to the legislation in order to force Republicans to oppose the bill when it comes up at the end of the month.

This is nothing more than a political ruse that will have no effect on the November election. The law, which funds law enforcement programs and women's shelters for victims of domestic violence, had bipartisan support both times it was reauthorized since its enactment in 1994. The latest version from Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Patrick Leahy, Vermont Democrat, is carelessly written to appeal to the party's liberal constituencies. For Hispanic voters, Mr. …