Meet the New Don Drapers

Article excerpt

A hidden book, a talking stain--how 10 creative geniuses make the digital age work for them.

David Droga, Droga5

Droga (pictured at left) has won more Cannes Lions awards than anyone else in advertising. The Australian's work shows an uncanny knack for going viral--and deserving to. One campaign for Jay-Z's memoir and Bing hid every page of the book in locations around the country; another, "The Great Schlep," used Sarah Silverman and an army of Jewish grandkids to turn out the Obama vote in Florida in 2008.

Mark Fitzloff and Susan Hoffman, Wieden + Kennedy

No agency cranks out hits like Wieden, where Fitzloff and Hoffman are exec-utive creative directors. They oversee high-concept material (Clint East-wood's Super Bowl spot for Chrysler) and funnier fare (Old Spice's "Smell Like a Man, Man"). Other marquee clients include Nike and Levi's.

Gerry Graf, BFG9000

After holding top positions at a string of large agencies, doing offbeat work for Skittles and Snickers, Graf hung his own shingle in 2010. "For a while, New York was a place for big, boring ... agencies," he says. Now, "it's a really fun time to be in New York."

Tor Myhren, Grey New York

Larger shops have a reputation for less inven-tive work. …