The Maltings Continues to Deliver Specialist Welsh-Based Records Management as It Has for 30 Years

Article excerpt

THE Maltings Limited has been established for more than three decades as the leading business in the city of Cardiff for records management.

During that time the business, housed in the landmark listed 19th-century building, has become recognised as being among the most trusted and secure locations to store important and irreplaceable files and documents - not just in Cardiff but throughout South, West, East and Mid Wales.

From its origins as a malt house, the grade-II listed building is now the renowned home of the leading player in the Welsh capital city's records management market.

The privately owned Welsh company has been providing an unrivalled bespoke and tailored service for their 600-plus clients for more than 30 years. Clients range from solicitors and accountants to civil engineers, chartered surveyors, architects, small family businesses, large utility companies, multinationals and public sector organisations.

The guiding principle of the business is customer service excellence, and Managing Director Kathy Fox is in no doubt that The Maltings has stuck rigidly to this philosophy.

Kathy said: "We are the ultimate specialist in what we do. We pride ourselves as being the consummate professionals and the unrivalled experts. We offer just the two services - records management/document storage and office lettings, and we believe that by focusing on just these two areas, we are the market leaders throughout Wales.

Kathy, who has been at The Maltings for almost 30 years, said: "We don't venture into any other areas purely and simply because we are the best at what we do and we want to stay that way. There may well be other organisations who offer similar facilities, but we provide a bespoke service to our clients - tailored to suit their individual requirements. Excellent records management is of utmost importance to our customers and is the mainstay of our business.

"Companies have a constant need for reliable, secure and cost-effective space to store and retrieve all manner of documents and this is exactly what we provide.

"We offer an unparalleled service to our naturally demanding, professional clients who expect nothing less than the very best - not just in the storage of their extremely important records and documents, but also in the totally flexible service we provide.

"Our attention to detail is well known. We ensure that the right file is accessed and delivered to the client at the right time and on the right day. Our customer care team are available to fulfil service requests from 8am until 10.30pm, with our trained security staff providing additional emergency assistance when required."

Kathy says new clients switching to storage at The Maltings over recent months have remarked on the smoothness of the process and the savings made compared to their previous suppliers. …