International Artexpo New York: A Sneak Peek at the World's Largest Fine Art Trade Show

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Encouraged to paint by her uncle Jamali, one of today's most respected contemporary artists, Sarah Ali's vibrant creations began as an "act of meditation" following her diagnosis with Lupus. Ali has learned to turn negative experiences into positive results, using organic materials such as twigs, grass and leaves to create palettes of color in her work.


Eduard Anikonov works in various styles and genres. "My artistic creed is 'beauty and harmony," he says. "My favorite subject is the manifestation of the spiritual in the material Shape and color are important to me, as are external and internal balance and the idea that every image has multiple meanings."


In her figurative and abstract photography, Miami resident--and ABNTop 50 Emerging Artist--Malena Assing utilizes a unique approach to displaying color and light to emphasize joy and hope.


Daria Bagrintseva's dynamic paintings have been shown in galleries around the world. Not limiting herself to one medium, she also works in the fields of graphic design, interior design and photography (see p. 22 for a full profile).


After owning a successful photography studio for more than a decade, Jeanne Bessette returned to her first love--painting. She takes an intuitive approach to art, infusing her abstract paintings with texture and depth.


Influenced by his father, renowned landscape painter James Caldwell, the younger Caldwell combines his love of art and his passion for cars to create custom fine art automotive portraits.


"I paint bright, colorful interpretations of wildflowers," says Linda Calvert Jacobson. "While 1 am a native Texan and draw inspiration from my home state, the contemporary, yet impressionistic style I use makes my wildflowers universal in appeal. When people see my wildflowers, they smile. Collectors who own my wildflower art tell me that they love how the painting will brighten a room and how good it makes them feel. If my art makes people happy, what more could I ask?"



Award-winning photographer Ed Cooley makes his home in the rustic Ozark Mountain region of Northwest Arkansas. His love of nature, natural instincts and relentless pursuit of the perfect shot are evident in his work, Cooley's fine art landscapes and photographic exhibits have received critical acclaim and earned him 22 international photography awards in 2011. White River Gallery exhibits limited edition prints, representing the best photographs from Cooley's collection of more than 500,000 images.


Deljou Art Group is the world's leading publisher of fine art, renowned throughout the industry and internationally. Twenty-five years of experience in fine art, combined with an in-house framing studio and extensive selection, make Deljou the ultimate resource for all art projects--no matter how big or small.


"I love the human body and how light plays off of it, although what fascinates me and captures my attention are the hands," says ABN Top 50 Emerging Artist Mindy Donahue. By focusing on human subjects, Donahue captivates her audience and engages them in vicarious human interactions and emotions.


"I love to photograph nature's magnificence and I'm always excited when I happen upon the unexpected," says Nancy "Weezy" Forman. "Often my subjects are not conventionally beautiful, but the right combination of light, background, colors, shapes and textures inspires me to see them in a very unexpected way so [that] I can reveal their hidden beauty. …