National Environmental Health Association (NEHA) Annual Educational Conference (AEC) & Exhibition

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Register for the NEHA AEC June 28-30, 2012

The NEHA AEC is the premier event for environmental health training, education, networking, advancement, and more!


Customize Your Learning Experience

The NEHA AEC offers so many different facets for you to choose from to customize your own learning experience. From the multitude of environmental health topics discussed to the different learning environments of the Lecture and Learning Lab to the option to attend in-person or virtually, the NEHA AEC offers a fresh, progressive, and modern approach to training and education.


Productivity. Efficiency. Effectiveness.


Engage in interactive, dynamic, and self-driven sessions, which will provide you with hands-on training and real-world experience to help you cultivate new skills and bolster your proficiency to increase your productivity as an environmental health professional.

EH Health Impact Assessments (HIA)

* Designing an HIA: You Take the Lead

* Tox in a Box: A Concise Training on the Health Assessment of Environmental Hazards

Food Protection and Defense

* My Restaurant Did What?! Session sponsored by Decade Software Company

* ROP HACCP: Hazards, Preventive Measures, and Educational Opportunities

General EH

* Business Networking 101

* Radiological Tales: Lessons Learned for the EH Professional

* Tracking in Action: Using the Tracking Network to Impact Environmental & Public Health Programs


* Making the Message Stick

* Wake Up to the Social Media Planning Challenge

* Woodstock to WWF: How to Benefit from Generational Differences in the Workplace

Qnsite Wastewater

* (Field Trip) Tour of an Ecological Wastewater Treatment and Reuse: Decentralized Model Session sponsored by Living Machine Systems

Technology and EH

* Mobile Phone Usage: More, More, More or Less, Less, Less?

* There's an App for That

* (Field Trip) University of California, San Diego: California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology--Cal-(IT)2 Tour

Terrorism/All-Hazards Preparedness

* Using Community-Based Participatory Research to Build Capacity for Environmental Emergency Preparedness and Disaster Resilience

The sessions below are a special group of Learning Labs that are scheduled for several hours each day during the AEC. At any one time, there will be multiple sessions taking place. Like other Learning Labs, these sessions will have a presenter and will be highly interactive. However, you are in charge of when you want to attend and the pace at which you wish to learn about a particular topic.

Children's EH

* Sanitation in Classroom and Food Preparation Areas in Child Care Facilities from North and South Carolina

Food Protection and Defense

* Food Establishment Resource Library (FERL) on the Southern Nevada Health District Website

* What's Cooking? Ethnic Foods 101

Healthy Homes and Communities

* The Effects of Indoor Air Pollutants on the Lung Health of Asthmatic Patients


Knowledge. Understanding. Expertise.


Acquire comprehensive information from environmental health subject matter experts and industry leaders, and learn from your peers as you share stories and best practices to address common challenges.

Children's EH

* Effectiveness of Local Lead Poisoning Prevention Laws

* Food Safety Risk, Response, and Resources: A School Food Service Action Guide

* Lead Guidelines for Children's Play Areas: The Need for Clean Soil Policies to Protect Children

* Methamphetamine Contamination Closes West Virginia School

* Pediatrician's Perceptions on Child Lead Poisoning

* Protecting Children: Tools to Improve Environmental Health in Child Care Settings

* What Got Into the Kids? …