325 Child Sex Cases in N.Wales Last Year; ...but Only 10% End in Conviction

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THERE were 325 child sex crimes reported to North Wales Police last year, shock new figures show.

Of that total, more than a fifth of victims - 69 - hadn't even reached secondary school age and more than 20 were five years old and under.

The majority of offences, 256, were reported against 11-17 year olds and 37 children had already been victims of sex offences.

The statistics, obtained by children's charity the NSPCC in a freedom of information request, cover crimes including rape, incest and child prostitution across all 43 police forces in England and Wales.

In all some 23,000 children were victims of sex offences - that's more than 60 sex attacks on children reported to police everyday.

More than a third of all sex crimes were committed against children, yet fewer than 10% of reported child sex offences ended in someone being sentenced.

The NSPCC is calling for action to drastically reduce the number of sexual assaults on children, urging the Welsh Government to treat the issue "as seriously as they would if faced with an outbreak of chronic disease".

The charity, which runs four Det Supt sexual abuse programmes in Wales, is now calling for: ? Children to be taught how to protect themselves from sexual abuse. …