FoR the Past Four Years I Have Been Involved, on a Voluntary Basis, in a Literacy Drive in a School in the Southern Suburbs. the Idea Behind This Programme Is to Help Pupils Struggling with English Literacy and to Promote a Love of Reading and Learning

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FoR the past four years I have been involved, on a voluntary basis, in a literacy drive in a school in the southern suburbs. The idea behind this programme is to help pupils struggling with English literacy and to promote a love of reading and learning.

The children at my particular school come from Khayelitsha, Harare, Delft and Philippi.

Since my involvement in this programme, I have seen enormous positive changes in this school. It now has a computer room and library, teaching materials have improved and the teaching morale is good. Although these positive changes certainly have a lot to do with the school principal and his gutsy teachers, they bear the signature of Donald Grant, the MEC for education in the Western Cape. On the occasions I have heard him speak, he has impressed me with his command of his subject and his personal integrity.

I have therefore closely watched what has been happening in Grabouw. Six hundred unregistered pupils arriving on the school doorstep poses huge logistical problems. Conservatively calculated, one would need to appoint 18 Sotho-speaking teachers and find land for 18 classrooms. …