Research Path Sparks Interest Creativity, Logical Approach Leads to Success

Article excerpt

What does your job entail? Consumer research (or market research) is essentially the study of people, with the intention of better understanding a specific group, defined by their age, gender or various other demographic and psychographic factors.

The end goal is to provide information for marketers and stakeholders to help them better meet the needs of these people.

Depending on the aim of the research study, we sometimes make the views of our sample (the people interviewed) representative of the natural population from which this sample was drawn through a scientific weighting process. This applies where the natural population is known or can be obtained from databases like Amps or the national census.

Describe your average work day: On client-facing days I attend meetings with clients to discuss research approaches to address their business issues, or present results from data we have collected. Drafting proposals in response to client briefs is another feature of the job. Proposals highlight how we will execute research for clients' issues.

I liaise with internal departments on projects where fieldwork may be taking place or that are in the data analysis phase. Once data has been collected, I am also involved in analysing data results to pull out key findings and generate actionable insights that help clients grow their businesses.

Best part of the job: I love the fact that no two days are alike, and I can always look forward to new challenges. These can come in the form of a study in a new industry, exploring new technology or in a new market with different people. Interacting with colleagues and clients makes each day interesting.

Worst part of the job: Perhaps the perpetual shortage of time - there are so many projects that I would like to be involved in.

Why did you choose this career? I only really found out what research was about after completing my studies. Market research was recommended to me by my former statistics lecturer who had worked in the field.

Once I got started, though, I found it continually stimulating and I am really glad that life led me onto this path.

What else would you have liked to do? …