GREEN RUBBISH PUT IN LANDFILL; Council Admits That Household Waste Sent for Recycling Was Buried after Workers Raise Concerns It's Not Being Disposed of Properly

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Byline: Martin Shipton

SHOCKING allegations have been made that call into question the domestic waste recycling performance of Cardiff council. Workers at the hi-tech centre where household waste is sent for recycling claim that hundreds of tonnes of material from green rubbish bags have in fact been buried in the adjacent landfill site.

Yesterday the council confirmed there had been such an incident, but said it was an exceptional case and had been properly documented at the time. The authority firmly denied that recyclable material was routinely being sent to landfill.

But speaking exclusively to the Echo, the Cardiff council employees insisted that on a daily basis, waste intended for the Materials Reclamation Facility (MRF) in Lamby Way, Rumney, was being sent by lorry for disposal in England - a fact later confirmed by council officials.

The workers' claims are being backed by their union, the GMB, which represents more than 90% of the Lamby Way employees.

Both Mike Payne, a senior full-time official with the union, and Vaughan Gething, the Labour AM for Cardiff South & Penarth, in whose constituency the recycling facility is situated, challenged the council to allow an independent investigation into the allegations.

Everyone at Lamby Way is happening, keep their because they keep their One worker, whose identity we are keeping secret because unauthorised council employees can be dismissed for speaking to the media, told us: "A friend of mine who works for a private company was paid treble time by the council to come in on a Saturday about three years ago to dig a huge hole with an excavator.

"On the Sunday he went back and filled it with material from green recycling bags that had become contaminated after being left out for days without being processed by the MRF.

who works knows this but people heads down want to "I had seen the bags myself on the Friday afternoon and by the Monday morning they had all miraculously disappeared, even though the MRF wasn't working over the weekend. The amount of green bag waste involved was huge - it could have been up to 2,000 tonnes."

Another worker, whose identity we also agreed to conceal, said: "Shortly after the Christmas and new year holiday a few months ago I believe that 80 tonnes of contaminated green bags were buried in the landfill site."

Both employees claimed that, in addition to the isolated instances of waste that should have been recycled being buried in the Lamby Way landfill site, several articulated lorry loads a day of green bag waste were being sent to England.

The first worker said: "This is totally wrong, as all the green bag waste is supposed to be dealt with in the MRF. …