Charity Workers' Shining Example; Yousay IN YOUR OPINION

Article excerpt

THREE years ago on May 2, my beloved daughter died of cancer at the age of 40 years.

She so wanted to live, there was still so much she wanted to accomplish. She spent time during this cruel illness at Velindre Hospital and also at Holme Tower. The care she received - and I know many others would voice the same opinion - was amazing. The staff were highly trained, dedicated and full of compassion.

Before my daughter died she, alongside family and friends, raised money for the charities concerned. My late mother and father also dedicated much of their lives to helping those less fortunate.

There are many people who tirelessly work raising money for charitable purposes. Be it holding a collection box at a supermarket, taking part in a marathon swim or walk, a head-shave or organising a concert or garden party. Holme Tower, I am led to believe, is only Government-funded a certain amount. To survive it relies on the generosity of the public.

So I am sure many were outraged at reading that a Labour AM from Llanelli was staying at the five-star St David's Hotel at Cardiff Bay at the taxpayers' expense. …