IRELAND 'LEADS FIGHT AGAINST WORLD FAMINE' Kenny Speaks out at Memorial Service

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TAOISEACH Enda Kenny yesterday told how our famine history led to Ireland becoming a leading activist against global hunger.

Around 1,500 people remembered the victims of the Great Famine during a solemn memorial service in Co Louth.

More than a million people died from starvation and disease and another half a million emigrated when the potato crop failed during the 1840s.

A minute's silence was held and a tree planted during the National Famine Commemoration in Drogheda.

The town was the second largest port of departure for those forced to flee Ireland on coffin ships throughout the notorious hunger.

Mr Kenny said the generational memory of the famine is what supports Irish Aid and all agencies to bring not just food but hope, selfreliance, compassion and dignity across the Developing World.

Mr Kenny added: "In addition to addressing the immediate needs of those who are victims of natural and man-made disasters, Ireland is also working to address the root causes of hunger and has become a leading global advocate in the fight against hunger. …