The Dictator's Demands

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Byline: Admiral General Aladeen

What Sacha Baron Cohen's alter ego watches.

Jachnoon! Death to the West everyone! Newsweek asked me, Admiral General Aladeen, to make a list of my all-time-favorite movies.

I fell in love with movies when I was 6, the day my father, the late dictator Omar Aladeen, took me into the dungeon where he was holding Ali MacGraw. It was magical.

In making this list, I have to admit that I was a little biased towards movies I made in my home country of Wadiya. Enjoy my list, and feel free to disagree ... if you want to be locked up in prison away from your family for the rest of your life. Like Ali MacGraw.

My All-Time-Favorite Movies:

Beheading Private Ryan, written and directed by Admiral General Aladeen. An American soldier is arrested and beheaded for being an American. Comedy.

When Harry Kidnapped Sally, written and directed by Admiral General Aladeen. Sally realizes she loves her kidnapper, Harry. The same thing happened to me when I kidnapped Linda Evangelista. I am now working on the sequel, When Sally's Country Refuses to Negotiate With Terrorists, Things Do not Go Well for Sally. …