How Can Facilities Management Help My Business? Clive Chippindale, Associate Director in DTZ's Facilities Management Team Answers a Topical Property Question

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Q What is 'facilities management' and how can it help my business? Facilities management is the Amanagement of your prop -erty related assets, ensuring that they are aligned to and support your company's core business needs.

There is a complete array of management tasks which sit under the umbrella of facilities management from Health & Safety, procurement, financial controls, legislative and environmental compliance, space planning, contract and performance management. All these tasks ensure that your business is meeting its obligations to its landlords (if you are a tenant), employees, legislation compliance, and even your own clients.

Not having a facilities management plan in place could result in a number of business damaging issues, including: ? Breach of Health & Safety which could lead to a fine. Recently, we have seen companies being held accountable in the event of corporate manslaughter, with both substantial fines and even prison sentences for directors.

Employee disgruntlement with the standard of premises and facilities leading to higher staff turnover and, as a result, greater management, training and recruitment costs Breach of environmental compliance such as air conditioning inspections, EPCs, CRC, or FGas requirements Lack of energy optimisation Brand impact from client perception Inability to access the right supply chain and, as a result, unable to obtain either best value or the delivery of serv-v ices to meet your business needs, both of which could mean your business is wasting money.

By having a facilities management plan in place, it means that there is an understanding of the business strategy as well as the property strategy which is supported by facilities management. …