For Helen, Horticulture Just Grows and Grows; RECRUITMENT

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NEXT week plant lovers will be flocking to the Chelsea Flower Show -- but you can be in the green all year round with a horticultural career.

Among those who have turned an interest in gardening into a livelihood is Helen Bostock, 36.

She started out rooting cuttings as a child, and now works at the Royal Horticultural Society's Wisley Garden in Surrey, helping the public with their queries and managing a wildlife gardening research project.

'It's like being on Gardeners' Question Time full-time,' she says.

After graduating in history, Helen studied for a National Certificate in Horticulture at Askham Bryan College.

She then applied for the two-year Wisely Diploma in Practical Horticulture, which combines intensive training with accommodation and a paid job. She has also studied cut-flower gardening.

'In horticulture, you can follow your interests wherever they lead,' says Helen.

There are 189,000 horticulture employers in the country, and more than one in ten expect to be looking for more staff in the next year. …