The Cape Times Is to Be Commended for the Editorial of May 15 ("State of the Union") Applauding President Barack Obama for Daring to Endorse Same-Sex Marriage, So Close to US Elections

Article excerpt

The Cape Times is to be commended for the editorial of May 15 ("State of the Union") applauding President Barack Obama for daring to endorse same-sex marriage, so close to US elections.

Some would think this is political suicide given the way this issue has become a red rag to a bull among American conservatives. Yet this is the obvious outcome of Obama's commitment to transformation within the US.

Incidentally, an American friend disagrees that his main opposition would be "mostly African-Americans".

Your reference to ANC MP Patekile Holomisa's suggestions for amending our constitution is pertinent because this is not the only area in which our constitution is under attack. Constant vigilance is required to maintain our hard-won freedom from the oppressions of the past. Beware when the oppressed become the oppressor.

But it is the concluding sentence that made me sit up: "We're ahead of the Americans. Let's stay there." Would that were true, because in reality our mainstream churches have stood opposed to the Civil Unions Act.

This is sad given that these were the churches who championed the cause of freedom and denounced apartheid. …