Click of the Bunch; ONLINE SENSATION MONITORS WHO'S HOTTEST OF THE HOT Two Scots Behind a Website That Tells You Who Are the Biggest Stars of World's Social Networks

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Byline: John Dingwall

TWO Scots have launched a groundbreaking website that charts which celebrities are the biggest in the world of social networking.

Paul Morrison, who helped launch T in the Park in the mid-1990s, and former Airmiles chief executive Drew Thomson have created Starcount.

The website aggregates all the chatter from the 1.5billion people using the 11 biggest social media platforms in the world.

Taking information from sites such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google+ and China's Tencent Weibo and Sina Weibo, they say it makes their website the first port of call for chart information on everything from the world's favourite pop stars to which politicians we love to hate.

Paul, 45, said: "We take the detail from the networks every day, then break it down into genres and that enables us to create charts.

"Some of the worldwide stars aren't as big as they think they are. The numbers don't lie. This is really what people think and say.

"We have been able to compare the numbers and tell who is the more famous - Cristiano Ronaldo or Coca-Cola."

The site enables fans to find out what others are saying across social networks.

Paul said: "You can click on the feeds. If you like to follow anything, you can do so with all their social media chatter in one place.

"Our next phase is launched in three months. The site will be able to tell Manchester United who their most influential fan is, or Coca-Cola, or the Daily Record. That's when it gets really exciting.

"Brands will then be able to create a dialogue with their biggest fans and give them information that could help them promote themselves."

With the help of their business partner, Becky Morgan, who has worked with Richard Branson, the Glasgow-born pair have also announced the first Starcount global social networking awards in Singapore.

The team behind Starcount began working on the project more than 18 months ago after impressing the Singapore government by staging the first F1 Rocks concerts.

Paul said: "The big F1 Rocks show went out to 47million people on TV.

"Social media is the way kids consume media. They'll be doing their homework while downloading a track, playing a video and chatting to a friend on social media. To have all those things together makes sense."

Drew, 43, said: "Starcount is global because it covers all the social networks in China, Japan, South America, South East Asia and India, as well as all the Western countries.

"At present, the Almighty award, which goes to the most popular person in social media in the world would go to Lady Gaga, in sport it would be Cristiano Ronaldo. …