All Aspects of Life Involved

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - The call to perfection is addressed to all of us, and it involves all aspects of life. The aim and ideal of perfection are for our entire life, our whole life, and not just for some parts of it. This means that for us to answer the call properly, we need to secure integrity of our whole life.

What does this mean?

It means that we cannot limit our fight for improvement in only one or a few aspects of our life, keeping the other aspects out of the undertaking. For instance, we cannot aim for spiritual and moral progress alone, without at the same time exerting some reasonable efforts at securing our physical wellness. And as we have been reminded many times, we cannot work for great success in our professional work, while neglecting the peace and solidity of family life at home. The same can be said of our heroic efforts to draw more resources into our bank account: We cannot undertake these efforts, while neglecting cultural enrichment, environmental advancement, and moral uprightness. In other words, if we are to become better, we have to keep fighting and trying to improve in all the seven facets of our life. Continuing improvement has to be in all seven, not just in one or two facets.

This brings up the basic truth about our life and work: We cannot keep separate silos within them. We cannot keep our belief in God in one silo, and keep in a completely separate silo our world of work. We cannot be true and genuine in our profession of faith, if we carry out our work as if God did not exist. In the same manner, we cannot be a very good angel to all those we come in contact with at work and at play, while behaving like the devil incarnate to those we live with under the same roof. We cannot afford to keep our mind and heart as cultural deserts, while trying to make the terrain of our professional work lush with fruits of great accomplishment. …