Every Nation Has Stake in Peaceful Resolution of Dispute - DFA

Article excerpt

MANILA, Philippines - "The last thing the Philippines wants to do is to heighten tensions (in the West Philippine Sea) and drag our allies into it," says Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert F. Del Rosario.

In a speech at the Heritage Foundation in Washington, DC, earlier in the week, Del Rosario said the Philippine-United States alliance "does not aim to confront or contain anyone."

What the Philippines is trying to do is to build a rules-based environment and create the conditions that will shape the behavior of all parties towards the peaceful resolution of disputes, he said.

He pointed out that the West Philippine Sea issue has far-reaching implications to the international community, in terms of respect for the freedom of navigation and commerce, and the peaceful settlement of disputes.

"The Philippines has taken the lead and put on the table concrete and actionable proposals, and we are encouraging others to join us," Del Rosario said. …