Is My Business Changing or Is Technology Changing My Business? It Doesn't Matter

Article excerpt

Is my business changing or is technology changing my business? It doesn't matter if you are an executive at a Fortune 500 company or the small business owner across town. Technology is transforming the way we create a brand, how we identify and target prospects, and how we capture and retain them as customers. Change has come with the adoption of cloud-based computing, mobile devices, virtual work spaces, social and business media, and Big Data Analytics; the en vogue technology list of today.

The impact technology is having on businesses is almost immeasurable. Workers are increasingly doing their jobs from home or while on the road "virtually" via the Internet using technologies such as virtual desktops, thin clients, mobile computing devices, smartphones and cloud based applications. The adoption of these technologies along with the increasingly large Internet bandwidth and faster Internet speeds are delivering real value -- both business and personal.

As a managed services provider, we see technology impacting a variety of types of businesses. One of our public sector customers has seen network bandwidth requirements grow exponentially, with a heavier reliance on wireless technologies. Recent studies have determined that an iPad consumes as much as 400 times more Wi-Fi data than the average Android, iPod, and iPhone. Network security is also requiring new approaches as vulnerabilities increase with every mobile device that touches the network. Mobile device management is a hot topic for many businesses using this technology. Whether the devices are issued to employees or being introduced through BYOD (bring your own device) programs, securing devices, sensitive data and intellectual property is of great concern. There are controls to ensure data is locked down. If a device is lost or stolen, we have remote controls to mitigate risk.

Legislative reform drives technology innovation and adoption as well. Our physician group customers are investing in EHR/EMR systems utilizing peripheral devices such as optical recognition scanners that convert documents into useful data and enable the creation and storage of electronic health records. …