ANC Asserts Stand on Accuracy vs Timeliness Debate

Article excerpt

ANC revealed that though they are usually ahead of others in being aware of developing news, they always verify information through reliable sources even if it sometimes mean delivering the news a little later than the rest.

"Verifying information before we deliver the news has been a habit so we never have to ingrain it in rules or memos. It's just been a value we've always had," "@ANCalerts" host TJ Manotoc told Bulletin Entertainment.

Acknowledging that information spreads faster these days via various social media platforms, Manotoc, as well as the rest of the ANC anchors, say that the challenge is to still practice good journalism and not be pressured to deliver inaccurate or incomplete news just for the sake of being able to claim to have "broke" the news.

"Once it [the news] is out there, you can't take it back. And when the news is wrong, it's not just the anchor that gets hit but the whole team, the whole channel! We really have to be careful and err on the side of accuracy," they said.

Despite the discernment needed in sifting through the tons of information online, Manotoc happily notes that many have become more active in nation-building thanks to social media.

"We've seen social media morph beyond things such as what you have for breakfast or what's your favorite movie or book. People now post about current events, too, and they get feedback directly from the people concerned, like, you can tweet Sen. Bongbong Marcos and he'll respond. You can't find that in coffee shop talk," he said.

Manotoc noted that the channel has about half a million followers with ANC being deemed to have "the highest interactivity."

"The significant majority of the audience we have are happy with us, they interact with us. …