Digital Power List: Angels

Article excerpt


Tech's top talent scouts have an uncanny ability to pick winners.


Paul Graham

Cofounder, Y Combinator

Graham literally wrote the book on tech entrepreneurship before cofounding Y Combinator, a seed-capital firm that makes small bets on promising companies (think Reddit).


Ron Conway

Investor, SV Angel

Conway is what's known as a "super angel": a guy who can pour millions into startups, delaying the need for venture capital. He's still going strong after surviving the first dotcom bust.


Reid Hoffman

Cofounder, LinkedIn

He's not just the boss of a social network--he invests in them, too, having made a hugely lucrative early bet on Facebook.


Ben Horowitz

Cofounder, Andreessen Horowitz

His must-read blog blends rap lyrics with the business insights you'd expect from the man who cofounded Opsware in 1999 and set up shop with Marc Andreessen 10 years later.


Marc Andreessen

Cofounder, Andreessen Horowitz

He launched the 1993 Internet era with his Mosaic browser. His three-year-old venture fund has had a golden run with bets on Skype, Twitter, and LinkedIn.


Peter Thiel

Managing partner, Founders Fund

Thiel gives young entrepreneurs two years and $100,000 to pursue their dreams. The catch: they must quit college before turning 20. …