Learning & Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Research and Applications

Article excerpt

Learning & Teaching Scientific Inquiry: Research And Applications

by James Jadrich and Crystal Bruxvoort. 2011. 236 pp. $29.95. NSTA Press. Arlington, VA. ISBN: 9781936137220

This is a book that has two distinct roles and audiences. It might be used as a textbook for beginning teachers of science or an intriguing refresher course in the methods of inquiry for inservice teachers and professional communities.

The book includes creative problems to be solved and activities to use in the classroom. Readers might find themselves frustrated by some of those problems, since answers are not always provided. That's why the book would be most effective when it was shared with an experienced mentor. For example, in the chapter on learning cycles, the reader is told to "create a learning cycle lesson that, among other features, uses leftovers from students' lunches to teach about the difference between garbage items that are biodegradable and those that are not." A teacher might use this as a startingoff point to a truly creative project, but it would take time and effort. …