The Experiences of Women with AIDS Who Have Received Occupational Therapy Intervention in a Home Health Care Setting

Article excerpt

The purpose of this study was to describe the experiences of women living with AIDS, and to explore the nature and effectiveness of occupational therapy interventions, which they received in their homes. By describing the effectiveness of those interventions in helping women with AIDS to engage in those life role activities that are important to them, the study intended to contribute to the occupational therapy knowledge base and, in so doing, ultimately to improve the quality of services occupational therapists may provide to women with AIDS.

This qualitative study was conducted in the form of individual in-depth guided interviews with six women with AIDS who had received occupational therapy in their homes as part of a Home Health programme. The research focused on examining two broad aspects of the women's experience: the Experience of Having AIDS and the Experience of Having Occupational Therapy. Utilising a constant-comparative method, and employing inductive reasoning processes, eight major themes within the two categories were identified. Five themes reflected the Experience of Having AIDS: the experience of having AIDS; What is meaningful? How has what is meaningful changed?; How has the ability to do what is meaningful changed? …