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NOT many know that on the 2nd floor of the 9-story building of the Philippine Bible Society (PBS) in Manila is housed the first Bible Museum in the Philippines. The 191.67-sq.-meter Bible Museum is now open to the public.

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PBS is a non-profit, non-stock Christian organization with a mission to encourage the reading of the Holy Bible in the country. PBS is achieving its mission through its activities of translating the Bible; printing and distributing the Bible; and its continuous fund-raising campaign here and abroad. PBS is an affiliate of the United Bible Societies (UBS), a group of more than 145 Bible societies operating in 200 countries and territories worldwide. Being an affiliate of the United Bible Societies opens fantastic opportunities for PBS. For one, the construction of the 9-story PBS building was made possible because of the non-interest bearing loan that the United Bible Societies extended to PBS.

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One may ask, what can one see in the Bible Museum housed in the PBS building? Let me give you a bird's eye view of what is inside the Bible Museum. I visited the Bible Museum last Thursday, June 28th. Here is what I saw:

* The biggest Bible printed by the PBS. It's 1 x 1 1/2 feet and 4 inches thick, for lectern use. Also, the tiniest bible is displayed.

* Copies of Bibles printed in other countries but not in the English version but in our native dialects - like the Pangasinanes (1888), Bicol (1898), Tagalog (1898), Cebuano (1902), Panayen (1928), Samareno (New Testament), and even Ibanag and Ifugao translations.

* The New Testament portion of a Bible in Arabic Script (printed 1934).

* Bibles of various countries like Bangladesh, Korea, Cambodia, Turkey, Hong Kong, Russia, O.T. Hebrew, N.T. Greek, Ceylon, Pakistan, Thailand, and Ethiopia are also displayed.

* A life-size figure of Paul, the Apostle of Tarsus. Remember him? …