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BEST NATURAL HISTORY Secrets of Our Living Planet (BBC Two Wales, tonight, 7pm) [bar] If Chris Packham aspires to be the next generation's David Attenborough, he's going about it the right way. The man is a fountain of knowledge when it comes to natural history and he's also doing a good enough job of getting his face here there and everywhere on the Beeb. He's a stupendously intelligent man when it comes to the rarest of wildlife and the inner workings of the world's biggest rainforests; so get your thinking caps on because he's about to teach us a great deal more. This week, the presenter investigates the ecosystem of North America's temperate forests, exploring its ability to rebuild itself in the spring after the harsh winter - and amazingly it has a lot to do with the salmon. The changing of the seasons twice a year means that the entire ecosystem has to transform itself. Chris explains why the forest depends on the flying squirrel, and how the activities of a moth caterpillar in the spring are so important to the survival of the Canadian lynx in the winter. Tune in next week for the final part of this fascinating series.

BEST CHALLENGE Let's Get Gold (ITV1 Wales, Thursday, 9pm) [bar] As the nation's Olympics fever intensifies, we're no doubt going to get an awful lot of Games-themed programmes thrown at us before July 27 - the day of the opening ceremony - appears on the calendar. This three-part series is one such show, and will be broadcast across consecutive nights. Each edition features five sporting teams from the UK being put through their paces via a series of tests designed to demonstrate their prowess - and whoever comes out on top wins pounds 100,000. Their success or failure in these challenges will be judged by famous faces from the worlds of showbusiness and sport - Rio Ferdinand, Freddie Flintoff, Martine McCutcheon and Una Healy - who will be paying attention to the teams' technique, skill, athleticism, creativity, style and flair. ITV's controller of entertainment, John Kaye Coope, says: "This is an exciting new format that challenges teams from all over the UK to entertain us with their sporting skills, and we are delighted to have such a skilled and talented group of judges to select our Let's Get Gold winners." Vernon Kay hosts.

BEST CHAT SHOW The Graham Norton Show (BBC One Wales, Friday, 10. …