My Best Digital Gadget Picks

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Wow! The year's certainly moving on so fast! It's 6 months into it and so much has happened, we've impeached our Chief justice, Pacquiao's lost his belt, and Windows 8 is launching woo hoo!

But in retrospect, amidst all these, is the rising interest in technology - gadgets at that! And being here at TechEd 2012 Europe, I had the time to reiterate and came up with...

Best Digital gadgets 2012

I can't believe how the tablet market is fast catching up with all other gadgets. In fact, they say we will be seeing the shipment of over 300 million tablets in the next month or so world-wide! It will out ship PCs, true but not to worry, PCs are still here to stay even though laptops have also taken the place of home Pcs in some homes.

In the US, summer will buzz high with anticipation and surprises! Techno quotients filled with top digital gadgets of the year will dribble down television sets. Even radio and print media will publicize the latest digital gizmos. Here are my picks:

Nowadays, people have more than one gadget in his/her person. I admit to: Having two cellphones, (a BB and a Nokia, gave my old iPhone to Keoni) two laptops (MAC and Toshiba) and two tablets (an Archos and a Samsung). Too much? Oh well my work/social life is pretty much cut out already, after all who doesn't take pride in owning at least one of the best gadgets that the best companies have to offer?

My list of Top digital tech gadgets 2012 will be showcasing:

1. Blackberry Empathy

You certainly won't pity the blackberry precursors, well be empathetic at least; especially since you'll be purchasing the brand new 'Blackberry Empathy'. …