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DOCTOR MICK ANTONIW is one of the brightest of the Assembly's 2011 intake.

The Labour AM for Pontypridd was a partner with Thompsons solicitors before getting elected and is listened to when he speaks.

All the more surprising, then, that he wrote to a Plaid Cymru councillor on his own patch congratulating him on his recent election and stating: "It is important that we work together over the coming years to ensure we are able to put Labour policies and values into practice."

Surprising, too, that he got the Plaid councillor's name wrong, addressing him as Lago Ap Steffan, rather than Iago Ap Steffan.

NEWS reaches Spin Doctor that Myrddin Edwards, the genial Welsh Liberal Democrat press officer, could be contemplating an unusual career move.

Several years ago, Myrddin, a fluent speaker of Spanish, worked for a time as an events organiser at the British Embassy in Mexico City.

The ambassador at the time was Giles Paxman - brother of the rather more famous Jeremy.

On one occasion, Giles was due to meet the governor of a Mexican province, one Enrique Pena Nieto. …