The Brains of Batman

Article excerpt

Byline: Marlow Stern

Morgan Freeman has portrayed everyone from the president to God, and is back in theaters as the Dark Knight's gadget guru.

Did you have any reservations about being involved in this trilogy, which started back in 2005?

None whatsoever. I didn't know it was going to be a trilogy. With Batman Begins, I don't recall that I had done one of these big action blockbusters, so it was as good a reason as any to get involved with one. Like everybody else I have this fascination with Batman, and this reincarnation of him is the best ever.

In your mind, what function do you think Lucius Fox serves for Bruce Wayne/Batman?

Michael Caine [who plays Alfred] and I have come to the conclusion that he is the heart of Bruce Wayne and Lucius Fox is the brain of Batman.

In the films, you're responsible for creating all the fun gadgets. Did you have any favorites?

All the toys! I do have a favorite, and it surfaced in the third one: the Bat. But I didn't get to ride any of them.

In The Dark Knight Rises, it seems there are hints of the Occupy movement with Bane's rebel army targeting Gotham's rich.

Chris [Nolan] talked about it and says he didn't really have anything like that in mind during the writing of The Dark Knight Rises, so this is one of those situations where people can read into it what they will. But I think that [the disparity in wealth] has happened before, and there's going to have to be a shakeout. When all of the wealth gets into the hands of so few people, there's going to be a shakeout, and this is the wrong kind of country for that sort of thing. This isn't serfdom or an oligarchy. We won't exist for very long like that.

There's talk that Marvel may create the first Hollywood film centered on a black superhero, Black Panther. …