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The United States Library of Congress website still notes that its classification, "Mountain People" is a "change from 'Mountain Whites.'" Many have worked diligently to overcome this bias. On the forefront of efforts to recognize the cultural and racial diversity of our region is Frank X Walker, this issue's featured author. He coined the term "Affrilachian," to refer to the African-Americans of this area, and our biographical sketch of Walker is written by his fellow "Affrilachian Poet," Bianca Spriggs. Her close associate, Angel Clark, is the featured photographer for this issue. We include two insightful essays about Walker's poetry, one by Susan Virginia Mead and the other by Leah Bachmann, as well as an enjoyable anecdotal piece by Jim Minick. Dr. William H Turner's essay puts Frank X Walker's contribution in the context of previous efforts to move beyond "Mountain Whites."

We are proud that we have four outstanding short stories in this issue by a wide range of authors from one of the most widely published regional writers - Fred Chappell - to Sandra Van Pelt Hogue, a West Virginia coal miner's daughter and retired psychotherapist whose very first published story appears here. …